Jul 28, 2014
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DHS Athletic Director Started As Accountant

Carter Wilson says it took a while to find his career path.

DHS Athletic Director Started As Accountant

Carter Wilson has seen big changes at in the years he's worked as the school athletic director -- such as the construction of a football stadium and basketball gym that are envied by most schools in Georgia.

But Wilson didn't always know he wanted to work in sports administration and actually started his post-college life in accounting, he says in an interview with Athletic Management magazine.

He says,

When I went from accounting to education, I was going to the unknown and didn't know how it would end up. The day I told my mother, I'll never forget what she said to me: "What took you so long?" She knew before I did, but she wanted me to come to the decision on my own.

When I was an assistant college coach, I thought from there I'd become an assistant athletic director, then an athletic director on the college level. But instead I became a head college basketball coach--something that was completely unexpected. It was a great experience and I loved every second of it, but I still had the desire to be an athletic administrator.

Despite having some offers to stay in college basketball, I went back to coaching in high school and a couple years later the superintendent of schools in Decatur called to tell me they were creating the position of athletic administrator and wanted me to fill it. There was no job description and I immediately had to hire a new head football coach. I was knee-deep in athletic administration from day one.

Go to the Athletic Management website to read the full interview with Carter Wilson.

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