22 Aug 2014
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Gentle Julia

If you're looking for a feline who will climb your drapes, hiss at your friends and kamakazi dive your other pets, calm and cool Julia is not the cat for you.

Gentle Julia Gentle Julia Gentle Julia Gentle Julia Gentle Julia

Julia the cat ended up at LifeLine Animal Project in Avondale Estates because of a case of mistaken identity.

A dog mistook her for a toy.

At least that's the best guess of rescuers and a veterinarian who examined Julia when she was brought in by a panicked volunteer who discovered a dog carrying the young, stray tabby cat around by her head.

How she got into the dog's yard no one is sure, but she suffered no puncture wounds or injuries from her up close and personal encounter with the canine, a Rottweiler mix who had also once been a stray.

Now Julia lives at LifeLine where she waits to be adopted and move into home of her own.

"She is the most adorable cat," said Mickie Blair, LifeLine's cat adoption counselor. "And she's so calm. One of the calmest cats I've seen."

"She has the most beautiful, classic tabby markings, " Blair continued.

Her serene and sweet personality makes her a favorite among volunteers who help in the Kitty Motel and with other cat-related duties at LifeLine.

Even at the no-kill rescue she's had at least one more canine encounter. A tiny puppy was placed in a cage with her for a few hours when the rescue ran short on room. Julia proceeded to clean the puppy and look after it until staff could find a foster home for the pup later that day.

She was named after Julia Sugarbaker, the outspoken character played by the late Dixie Carter on the popular TV series "Designing Women" but her personality is anything but outspoken. This Julia is extremely quiet and laid back.

"She's a lap cat who wants a deep, not superficial, relationship," Blair said.

Julia is spayed, healthy an up-to-date on all her vaccinations.

If your home could benefit from the zen-like calm of a cat like Julia, contact mblair@AtlantaPets.org

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