23 Aug 2014
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Update on Decatur's Proposed Tree Ordinance

Update on Decatur's Proposed Tree Ordinance

by Casie Yoder

As requested, here is some updated information about the development of the proposed tree ordinance:

On behalf of the City of Decatur, we would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to participate in developing and reviewing the proposed tree ordinance.  We know that people have strong feelings on these issues, and we are working to ensure our processes are transparent and understandable.

We know that there will be questions and comments about various elements in the proposal, and encourage your readers to submit them at  DecaturNEXT.com. The  summary document will be updated periodically based on your input, and we will do our best to respond to questions as we receive them.

The consultant is working to finalize the ordinance and develop administrative standards based on comments that will be received this week from the City Commission and the Environmental Sustainability Board. We anticipate having a final draft available by Jan. 15.  The current draft represents what has been developed to date, and should be reviewed with the understanding that many of the elements are subject to change.  Download the draft here.

We highly encourage anyone who is interested in this topic to also review the presentation materials from the City Commission work session. These materials accurately reflect the policy goals and operational structure of the proposed ordinance.  A recording of the presentation is available online  here.                                         

Presentation Materials  

1.        Trees! Work Session Presentation

2.       Flowcharts demonstrating how the ordinance applies

    3.        Summary of Proposed Ordinance 


    Tree Factsheets

    Ms. Yoder is spokeswoman for the city of Decatur.

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