21 Aug 2014
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Why I Am for School Choice

Jan. 26 through Feb. 1, 2014 is National School Choice Week.

Why I Am for School Choice
Dear Editor:

From Jan. 26 through Feb. 1, 2014, families like mine in Georgia and across 
the U.S. commemorate National School Choice Week. The week provides us with an opportunity to celebrate our public school choice and highlight how important this option is to our family and other families across our state.

I enrolled my child at Georgia's top virtual charter school, Georgia Connections 
Academy, and I have never been more optimistic about the future of public 
education in Georgia.

It's because families like mine have choices for grades K-12 in the public school 
system: traditional brick-and-mortar public schools, homeschooling, virtual public 
schools like Georgia Connections Academy, blended online/on-site public schools. 

Education is no longer one-size-fits-all.

That’s why I am celebrating National School Choice Week.

Families of students who are hospitalized or home-bound, training to be actors or 
professional athletes, or learn at a faster or slower pace, should be empowered to 
choose the academic environment that best cultivates learning.

Traditional public schools may not be the best fit for every child, so my family is 
very grateful to leaders who helped make sure options like Connections 
Academy are available to children in our state! Education is a priority in our family, and virtual schooling means that my child William Tell, who suffers from sickle cell disease, can still receive a high quality education thanks to the school’s flexibility while he battles his sickness.

I have seen parents actively choose and become more informed about their child's educational options by visiting schools, attending information sessions and school fairs, and speaking with other families. Flexibility in location and services such as after-school programs, tutoring, and innovative online curriculum have sparked school district partnerships and ultimately benefited whole communities.

In Georgia, we have many quality educational options now and I'm glad I've found one that fits my child. I hope others take the time this week to find THEIR best choice!


Audrey Tell

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