Jul 28, 2014
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Youth Football Kicks Off

Teams played Saturday at Decatur High Stadium.

Youth Football Kicks Off

By Alan Balch

Fourth Grade Coach for DHYF

Youth football is live and well in Decatur and Druid Hills.  This past weekend, (DHYF) kicked off its season with a series of home games at Decatur Stadium that including three shut out victories. 

DHYF is affiliated with both Druid Hills High School Football and Decatur High School Football.  For 2012, roughly 90 players are spread out among 4 teams competing in tackle football in the North Metro Football League.  

For this year, our third and fourth grade teams are Bulldogs and our fifth and sixth grade teams are Red Devils.  There's also a flag football team for second graders.

All five teams were in action this past weekend at the stadium.  The tackle program went 3-1 for the day, with the 3rd grade DHYF Bulldog team beating Mt. Pisgah's 3rd grade team 34-0, the 4th grade DHYF Bulldog team beating Mt. Pisgah's 4th grade team 31-0, and the 5th Grade DHYF Red Devils beating the Northview 5th grade team 19-0.  

The 6th grade DHYF Red Devils had a hard time with the Sandy Springs 6th grade team, losing 50-6.  The flag team also lost.

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