21 Aug 2014
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Hunter Park

Hunter Park
     Having lived in Douglasville my entire life (with a 7 year break in Orlando, FL) I've spent many an hour at Hunter Park. People who have moved to Douglasville recently will know the new setup but at one time it was completely different.
     First thing is the entrance, at one time it was on the opposite side of the park from where it is now. I grew up on Bowden Street and my friends and I would ride our bikes over (crossing Rose Avenue was an adventure in itself) and into the park.  The jet was there at the time, a memorial to the parks namesake Jerry Hunter.
     We would usually unceremoniously dump our bikes on the ground (kickstands? what are those things for?) and take a leisurely stroll around the lake on the path (which has pretty much remained unchanged). By leisurely I mean running through the woods, trying to push each other into the water and generally being a nuisance.
     Hunter Park was also the site of my one and only season of baseball. Unfortunately being blind in one eye and having bad depth perception does not turn you into Dale Murphy or Bruce (Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce) Benedict. Only you diehard Braves fans from the 70's and 80's will get that one.
     I was most excited when I would earn a walk or get hit by a pitch so I could get on base. Needless to say that was my one and only year of baseball.
     Hunter Park has grown up, had many improvements (some have come and gone like the train, although kids love going through the "tunnel") but every time I go I still think back to those years of my youth just being able to bike away to a cool place, at least for a little while.

Brian Lawler is the owner of Lawler Products offering a line of nature themed designs on shirts made from 100% recycled materials.

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