23 Aug 2014
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Candy-Bar Thievery Leads to Bike-and-Foot Pursuit

Weird Police News: Our weekly top 10 strange police stories from Patch sites in northeast Georgia.

Candy-Bar Thievery Leads to Bike-and-Foot Pursuit

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1. A stolen Twix bar led police on a pursuit on bicycle recently in Athens. The suspect took off running after police approached him about a report from a store employee, who said the man stole the candy bar earlier in the week. The officer hopped on his bike and chased the suspect, who stopped because he was tired. He was charged with shoplifting.

2. A dispute between a Buford couple left the husband with blood on his head, hands and face, prompting police to ask the obvious question: “I asked [the man] what happened to his head and why he was bleeding,” the officer wrote in the report. “He stated ‘That crazy woman beat me with a shovel’.” Later, the wife was asked a similar question. Her answer, “ ‘Cause I hit him with a shovel,” but she added that the husband struck first with his cane. The woman said she was tired of the husband calling her mother names. Both were charged in the incident.

3. A Winder-area man faces littering and open container charges involving the same paper cup. A Winder police officer noticed the man standing with two other men near an intersection and holding a small paper cup. The man seemed unsteady on his feet. When the officer approached, the man emptied the cup, wadded it up and tossed it to the ground. The officer reported he smelled alcohol and the man slurred his speech. The man told the cop there wasn’t any alcohol in the cup. "It could be cool aid [sic] for all you know, how the [expletive deleted] you know what's in it?" the man said. The cup smelled of alcohol, according to the report. The man also was charged with public drunkenness.

4. If there is a how-to book for would-be vandals it might say that you should never use water-soluble material on a job. The vulgar images and graffiti drawn in many places at Oconee County High School were cleaned up in a couple of hours.

5. We think this Dacula man may have avoided a worse punishment from the father, who found the 27-year-old man naked with his 16-year-old daughter in her room. The police report said the Dacula man was “engaged in physical contact” with the daughter. The father tried to take a cell-phone photo of the incident with his daughter's phone, but the suspect grabbed the phone, and ran away. He tossed the phone, but it was found later. The suspect was later arrested for robbery by sudden snatching (for taking the phone).

6. Here’s a surprise (not really). Somebody used Craigslist in the carrying out of a crime. The victim of a robbery at a Norcross-area motel said she was set up to be robbed after answering an ad regarding prostitution work. She said when she arrived at the hotel she gave a contact $95 for the room and for screening clients for her. Later, two men barged into the room, struck her and left with $11 and a cell phone.

7. An attacker used a wooden chair leg to beat and rob a Statham woman while she waited in her car for a friend. The attacker — another woman — sneaked up, pulled her out of the car and beat her with her fists and the chair leg. The suspect got away with an MR3 player, $47 in case and a cell phone.

8. A good question for a Barrow County man who called police because a female friend refused to leave would be: Why did you invite her over in the first place? The man said the woman stayed overnight, but after he found her with his keys and prescription medicine spread out on the kitchen table he told her to leave. He told police there were previous incidents involving the woman and stolen items. Again, so why invite her over in the first place?

9. Scam alert: An Oconee County man said someone scammed him out of $200 by pretending to be a power-company employee and threatening to turn off the man’s electricity. The scammer told the man over the phone that the money was owed for having his power box fixed.

10. While on a trip with his sister and her friend, a Norcross-area man said he believes the friend may be responsible for the . The man said he had the money in his pocket when he went to sleep, but it was gone when he woke up. He thinks the friend, a woman from Virginia, brought people into the room where he slept to steal the loot. He had no proof, however.

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