20 Aug 2014
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Dunwoody PD Under Fire for Not Focusing on Sneiderman

Numerous media outlets are picking up on the story/

Dunwoody PD Under Fire for Not Focusing on Sneiderman

No doubt about it - fingers are pointing at Dunwoody PD because they didn't treat Andrea Sneiderman as a suspect in her husband's slaying, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Channel 2 originally broke the story Aug. 13. They allege evidence was lost that could have harmed the case and compromised Sneiderman's alleged involvement in it.

The AJC report says that criminal attorneys are baffled by the handling of the case.

"It's been a rule of thumb for a hundred years or longer that you always start with the closest person to the victim and move out," said Ralph Stone, a retired GBI agent and FBI-trained profiler, according to the AJC.

According to the AJC, Andrea refused a polio warrant after her husband's death. They also refused police entry, according to the report. The lag time could have been an opportunity to destroy key evidence, the report speculates.

Police also waited to interview a friend that knew Sneiderman was having an affair with Neuman.

Grogan spoke to the AJC, but refused to elaborate with Dunwoody Patch this week.

Dunwoody PD refused to tell their side of the story. On Friday, Sgt. Mike Carlson, department spokesman, said the case is now out of Dunwoody PD's hands.

"At this time there is nothing," he said. "My comment is that this case is with the DA's office. Anything related to Sneiderman has to go through the DA."

Grogan elaborated with the AJC.

"Sometimes it's easy to see how the pieces fit together when you're at the end looking back," Grogan said. "But when you're in the middle of it, you don't have the benefit of looking back and saying, 'Oh, this is what happened.' "

Chief among the items both defense and prosecution say they wish they had are the more than 1,000 text messages Sneiderman exchanged with Neuman over six months, the AJC reports.

That explanation doesn't pass muster with Stone, the retired GBI investigator, according to the AJC report. "If she identified anybody that made a pass at her, the boss, you want to ask yourself [why] haven't you talked to the boss yet," he said.

Shayna Citron, Andrea Sneiderman's close friend felt that the for "day one" the killing was committed by Sneiderman. She was a key witness in the trial.

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