Jul 28, 2014

Dunwoody Prep Shooting: New Documents Allege Affair

New filings in the separation case of suspect Hemy Neuman allege that he had an affair with the victim's wife, attended the victim's funeral and tried to get a hold of a key piece of evidence in the case shortly after the shooting

Dunwoody Prep Shooting: New Documents Allege Affair Dunwoody Prep Shooting: New Documents Allege Affair Dunwoody Prep Shooting: New Documents Allege Affair Dunwoody Prep Shooting: New Documents Allege Affair

It supposedly started with a resume.

New documents filed in the separation case of Hemy Zvi Neuman, the man accused of in November, allege that Neuman and Sneiderman’s wife had an affair–beginning shortly after Neuman’s wife gave him Andrea Sneiderman’s resume.

The documents, which Dunwoody Patch obtained Thursday, say the affair began after Neuman helped Andrea Sneiderman get a job at General Electric, where he was her direct supervisor.

The filings allege that:

  • Mr. Neuman took several trips with Mrs. Sneiderman in 2010, including two to Colorado, one to South Carolina and one to England.
  • Rusty Sneiderman helped Neuman try to find a new job and gave him financial advice.
  • Mr. Neuman took Mrs. Sneiderman’s computer from General Electric the day Mr. Sneiderman was killed so she could erase any evidence of their affair.
  • Mr. Neuman attended Sneiderman’s funeral and the family shiva at the Sneiderman home.

Dunwoody lawyer , who is representing Neuman’s estranged wife, Ariella Neuman, in a marital separation case, filed the documents in Fulton County Superior Court on Thursday.

Among the documents Panitch filed in , which was recently moved from DeKalb County to Fulton, is a request for admissions from Mr. Neuman that lists 93 allegations, mostly focused on Mr. Neuman’s relationship with Mrs. Sneiderman.

A request for admissions is a set of statements to which the respondent–in this case Mr. Neuman–has to answer true or false or explain why he can’t answer. The statements represent the unaswered claims of only one side in the marital case but shed light on the motives that could be raised in the criminal case, .

The documents were obtained too late Thursday to get responses from the attorneys for both parties.

The document requests that Neuman respond to his wife's allegations within 30 days.

An Introduction

According to the allegations in the document, Mr. Neuman and Mrs. Sneiderman became connected through her resume. Ariella Neuman allegedly gave Mr. Neuman Andrea Sneiderman’s resume, telling Mr. Neuman that he should help an unemployed couple with two young children. 

That helped start what the document alleges was an adulterous relationship between Hemy Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman.

When Andrea Sneiderman was hired at General Electric, Hemy Neuman was her direct supervisor. The filing says he came on to her, but initially she said she wouldn’t have a sexual relationship with him “while she was still married.” She allegedly confided in Mr. Neuman that her husband could be “cold.”

A sexual affair soon began, according to the document.

Job Search

Meanwhile, Neuman was said to be on shaky financial footing. The document says he placed his wife on an “austere budget” and told her the family’s finances were “precarious.”

Neuman asked Sneiderman to ask her husband to help him look for a new job, the filing says.

Last August, she passed Neuman’s resume on to her husband, the document says.

The two men met Aug. 19–three months before Sneiderman's slaying–to discuss Neuman’s job search, according to the filing.

In August and September, Rusty Sneiderman made several job search contacts on Neuman’s behalf and advised him on getting out of debt, the document says.

Neuman learned that Sneiderman had a life insurance policy that would pay his wife and children money if he died, the document says.

Meanwhile, Andrea Sneiderman complained to Neuman that she felt pressure as the “only breadwinner of the family” while her husband was unemployed, according to the court document.


When Ariella Neuman asked her husband if he was having an affair with Andrea Sneiderman, he denied it, the document says.

But the two GE co-workers allegedly traveled together to Colorado twice last July. The document says General Electric did not approve at least one of the trips, around July 25, and Neuman was not reimbursed.

Neuman told his wife he was going to meet a human resources representative in Colorado, the court document alleges, but he later admitted to his wife that he’d shared two bottles of wine with the person and that the person had not left his hotel room until 4 a.m. The filing alleges that the person was Andrea Sneiderman.

The Neumans had plans to go to England in September. He was to travel for General Electric, and he invited his wife.

But shortly before the trip, he changed his mind, saying he would be going alone and would be in business meetings in the evenings, the filing alleges.

Instead, Andrea Sneiderman accompanied him, the document says, even though she was not a necessary employee to have on the trip.

Neuman usually had his children drive him to the airport, but for the England trip he had a car service pick up him and Mrs. Sneiderman, the filing says.

An itinerary Andrea Sneiderman allegedly sent him before the trip included several musical options for their trip, including Billy Elliot and Dirty Dancing; a variety of clubs and pubs; and a walk around the campus of the “University of Cambridge,” according to the court document.

Move Out

On Oct. 3, Neuman sent an email to his wife, three children, family and friends to announce he was moving out of the family’s East Cobb home.

He moved out the same day, the document says.

Shortly after, he and Andrea Sneiderman traveled together to South Carolina, the document alleges.

The document also alleges he purchased a gun before Nov. 1 and went to in Woodstock on Nov. 1. Prosecutors are using in his criminal case.

On Nov. 18, the day Sneiderman was shot outside , a daycare in Dunwoody Village, Neuman insisted to Ariella Neuman that he had to take Andrea Sneiderman’s General Electric-issued computer from work, the filing says.

Neuman said he had to deliver the computer to Andrea Sneiderman that night “to afford someone an opportunity to erase any evidence which could prove an illicit relationship between (Mr. Neuman) and Andrea Greenberg Sneiderman,” the document alleges.


After Sneiderman’s murder, Neuman allegedly attended the funeral and the shiva, the Jewish family memorial observance, at the Sneiderman home, where he spoke to Rusty Sneiderman’s family.

In the following weeks and months, Neuman and Andrea Sneiderman communicated via text messages, emails, telephone calls and chat rooms, including after work hours, the document says.

In the six to eight weeks before and after Sneiderman’s slaying, Neuman received more than 500 text messages from Andrea Sneiderman and sent hundreds to her, the document alleges.

The filing also says Neuman has borrowed or been given $300,000 from his mother to help pay his legal fees for the criminal and civil cases against him and has not paid child support since his arrest Jan. 4.

The document also alleges that he borrowed $30,000 from his mother between Jan. 1, 2010, and the day of his arrest.

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