20 Aug 2014
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Georgetown Kroger is Shoplifting Hotspot Wednesday

Two people are suspscted of loading up n food, including meat, seafood and a pack of bacon.

Georgetown Kroger is Shoplifting Hotspot Wednesday

Alright, the Kroger in Georgetown, newly removated and everything, had a weird day Wednesday when it came to crime.

First, Officer H. Nelson, a night patrolman, came to the popular shopping center Thursday afternoon on the eastern side of the city. A store security guard told the officer that a man was loading up on loads of meat, seafood and a large pack of bacon.

Instead of being sneaky, the man is suspected to have packed the food into a shopping cart and then simply walked to the exit. The store security stopped the man.

That didn't stop the suspect from running off from the scene toward Chamblee, according to Dunwoody PD.

Store security identified the man specficially. He was described as a black man, 40 to 45 years old, 6 feet and 230 pounds. He was wearing a a short-sleeved plaid shirt, jeans and a baseball cap at the time of the incident.

So while all this was going down, Nelson was finishing the report on the other incident. Security then caught another woman suspected of putting food into her purse. Her suspected scam also had an innovative twist.

She paid for several items that were in her shopping cart, but is suspected to have kept the items in her purse away from the store register's scanners. Ironically, police say the woman had plently of money when she was arrested.

Police have not yet released that suspect's name.

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