Jul 29, 2014

What Would You Tell Dunwoody Mayor Michael Davis?

Dunwoody set to hold the first of four 2014 town hall meetings on Thursday night.

What Would You Tell Dunwoody Mayor Michael Davis?
In 2014, the City of Dunwoody will hold a series of four community-focused meetings to bring the conversation to the residents, collect ideas, and empower all citizens to become involved in their local government.

The first of these will take place on Thursday, Feb. 20 as Mayor Michael Davis and City Manager Warren Hutmacher are scheduled to attend to discuss city projects and speak with residents about their concerns.

The free event will take place from 7-9 p.m. at Dunwoody High School, located at 5035 Vermack Road.

See here for more information.

Will you attend, and what would you say to Dunwoody Mayor Michael Davis if you had his listening attention?

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