Jul 28, 2014

Who Is Dunwoody's Person of the Year?

TIME magazine named President Obama their person of the year for the second time. Tell us who you think should win from our towns.

Who Is Dunwoody's Person of the Year?

On Dec. 19, Time magazine named President Obama their Person of the Year, again.

The magazine  invited votes on 40 candidates, including the president, Gabby Douglas and Kim Jong Un. Other options included The Mars Rover and the Higgs Boson Particle, Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, and Apple CEO Tim Cook. But, the president took the title again four years after he first won the award as president-elect in 2008.

But we want to know who you think is the most influential around Dunwoody? Who is the Dunwoody Person of the Year—the man or woman who, in Timespeak, “most influenced the news this year for better or worse”?

Dunwoody certainly had their share of newsmakers and influential people in 2012, from political and business leaders to those folks simply picking up a rake or a shovel to make our communities a little cleaner.

So tell us your pick in the comments section below!

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