22 Aug 2014
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APD Zone 3 Issues Stolen Autos Warning

Overall crime fell in 2012, but there was an uptick in stolen cars.

APD Zone 3 Issues Stolen Autos Warning

The Atlanta Police Department's Zone 3, which includes Summerhill, Historic South Atlanta, Peoplestown and Chosewood Park issued this crime update and alert with respect to the 2012 year:

Overall, crime in Zone 3 was down 15 percent in 2012. Overall crime on beats 301 (Capitol View) and 306 (Sylvan Hills) was also down.

However, we have had a spike in auto thefts. We saw repeat thefts of: Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Stratus, Dodge R1500, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Cherokees.

To deter auto thefts, we recommend:

  • Never leaving the vehicle keys in the car while the car is unattended.
  • If your vehicle becomes disabled, do not leave it on the side of the road. Tow as soon as possible.
  • Parking vehicle close to your door so you can keep an eye on it.
  • Installing alarms (flashing LED lights inside may help), tracking devices, ignition kill switches, fuel pump kill switches, steering wheel locks or locking bars.
  • Be alert for wreckers which could be illegally taking vehicles in order to recycle (call 911).
  • Not leaving valuables in your vehicle which draw perpetrators to your vehicle.
  • Report truants and curfew violators.

Here are the full-year crime stats in Zone 3:

    Crime  2012 Crime and % Up/Down 
    Aggravated Assault   620  Down 8.01% 676 647 Auto Theft 1,166  Up 5.52%
    1,110 1,069 Homicide   19  Down 9.52% 21 21 Larceny 1,027  Down 19.13% 1,276 1,188 Non-Residential Burglary   156  Down 31.58% 228 232 Residential Burglary 1,274  Down 22.65% 1,653 1,613 Robbery   448  Down 14.50% 527 412 Vehicle Larceny 762  Down 17.26% 927 852

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