23 Aug 2014
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What Should Go Here?: The Old Atlanta Fire Station No. 13

The building at the southwest corner of Flat Shoals and Metropolitan avenues is in a prime location but has remained vacant.

What Should Go Here?: The Old Atlanta Fire Station No. 13

East Atlanta's old Fire Station No. 13 at 447 Flat Shoals Ave. served the community well for decades.

But as anyone who has lived in EAV for any length of time, that old, one story, 6,227-square-foot building is long passed its prime.

Bits of tarp cover parts of its leaky roof and its walls have been marked by graffiti.

The firefighters of No. 13 left that building for a new, two-story home at 431 Flat Shoals about two years ago.

The old building, built in 1955 and still owned by the city, remains in shabby shape, empty save for the occasional rats that you can spy scurrying about the building late at night.

DeKalb County tax records lists the sites value at $428,500 — with $110,400 of that amount being the value of the building itself.

With it being in such a prime location, should the city hang on to it or sell it to a developer?

If sold or redeveloped, what would you like to see be erected in its place?

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