Jul 30, 2014

East Cobb Students Top Writing Scores

Dickerson, Dodgen, Hightower Trail and Mabry had the highest Cobb marks on the Eighth Grade Writing Assessment.

East Cobb Students Top Writing Scores

Students at four middle schools in East Cobb scored the highest marks in the for the 2012 Eighth Grading Writing Assessment.

The majority of Cobb middle schools performed above the state average score of 216, with scale scores ranging from 206 to 241. Schools with the highest scores include (241), (237), (236), and (233). At nine of the district’s middle schools, more than 90 percent of students met or exceeded standards: Daniell, Dickerson, Dodgen, Durham, Hightower Trail, Mabry, McCleskey, McClure, and Simpson.

Cobb County eighth graders increased the district-wide average score by a single point, and continued to outperform their peers throughout Georgia. The average scale score of 220 is four points higher than the state score of 216 and matches the average of eighth graders in a comparison group of other metro Atlanta school districts. 

Please see the attached PDF for complete scores and other explanations.

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