Jul 29, 2014

Share Thanksgiving Recipes on East Cobb Patch

Have a signature dish you like to prepare and don't mind sharing the recipe? Post an announcement now.

Share Thanksgiving Recipes on East Cobb Patch

With less than two weeks until Thanksgiving, have you started planning what you will make? 

Whether it's an amazing entree or a scrumptious side dish, whether you're cooking for two or more than 20, we invite you to share your best and favorite holiday recipes with fellow Patch users in our announcements section. 

To post an announcement, all you need to do is:

  1. Login to your East Cobb Patch account
  2. Click here to create a new announcement
  3. Categories your announcement as "Social Notes" 
  4. Make sure to add the photos where it says "Choose file to upload"

Check out a recipe for homemade macaroni and cheese and try a dessert suggestion. 

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