Jul 29, 2014

TSPLOST Campaign Transforms Mail

The election on the regional sales tax is exactly four months away, and the bulk-mail brochures are starting to arrive.

TSPLOST Campaign Transforms Mail TSPLOST Campaign Transforms Mail TSPLOST Campaign Transforms Mail

TSPLOST proponents in if the is an accurate reflection of public opinion about the for transportation projects.

That work is well underway.

A glossy brochure (images attached) arrived in the mail at the satellite office of East Cobb Patch this afternoon from Transform Metro Atlanta, based in downtown Atlanta.

Financed by the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network, or MAVEN, the four-page brochure follows the you may have seen in favor of the Transportation Improvement Act:

  • We average an hour a day in traffic, which over a year is roughly a month and a half of 40-hour workweeks sitting in a car, doing nothing.
  • While we're stuck in traffic, our kids are suffering alone.
  • The TSPLOST can save us time and money and transform our lives.

In short, as the tagline on the bag of the brochure say, "Less traffic = more time at home."

What do you think of the brochure? Will anything you receive in the mail affect how you'll vote on the TSPLOST referendum July 31?

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