Jul 29, 2014

Educated Take Out

Don't know what to order and still stay healthy? Check out these options.

Educated Take Out

It's been a long day and you're exhausted. The last thing that you even want to think about is preparing a meal. Time for take out! We are all guilty of it. I ordered a sandwich and salad and had it delivered to my apartment a few hours ago.

 Maybe that is what prompted me to write this article. As I wolfed down my huge caesar salad and chicken parmigiana sub while watching Animal Planet (it is my night off, don't judge me), I had a thought. How terrible is take out food for you? We are all made to feel so bad about eating out and not in our own kitchens.
To ease that guilt off our shoulders I did a little research. I compiled a list of choices you can make when picking up take out (or eating out) to choose the healthiest option. Maybe I'll take my own advice next time...

Sub Sandwiches:
-Choose the smaller length, not the foot-long.
-Add lots of veggies.
-Choose lean meats like turkey or chicken.
-Choose mustard over mayo or check to see if they have a low fat mayo.
-Watch the cheese. Only use one or two slices.
-Go for wheat or whole grain bread.

-Wonton, egg drop, miso, or hot & sour soup.
-Skip the fried rice and go with steamed.
-Stir-fried, steamed, roasted or broiled entrees like shrimp chow mein.
-Avoid battered and fried dishes.

-Thin crust pizza with lots of veggies.
-Don't get extra cheese.
-Skip garlic bread and try bread sticks instead.
-Pasta with tomato sauce instead of a creamy sauce like alfredo.

-Try a veggie burger or stick to the one-patty options.
-Skip the mayo and cheese.
-Instead of fries try a side salad or baked potato.
-Don't add bacon to the burger.
-If offered, a grilled chicken sandwich can substitute.

Fried Chicken:
-You can save lots of calories and fat by taking the skin off.
-Try a honey barbecue sandwich.
-Limit gravy and other sauces.

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