Jul 29, 2014

Publix Offers Good Deals This Week

Here are the best buys to save your family money this week on groceries.

Publix Offers Good Deals This Week

Each week, Patch sets out to give readers the best deals at local grocery and pharmacy stores. We read blogs, check ads, and keep track of good prices of items in order to sort through the sales and find the good deals We match them up with coupons and bring the savings list to you. Join us in the savings and start buying a bit extra of the great deals and soon you will see an overall drop in your grocery spending.

When you know that you want a printable coupon, be sure to print it right away as they come and go quickly. Start saving your weekly newspaper inserts by writing the date on the front cover and keep them in a file. When you read the Patch articles each week, you will know exactly where to look for your needed coupons in no time. Let us know how much you are saving in the comments section. We would love to hear from you. 

The new sale at is up and this will run through Wednesday. If you are looking for all of the great deals from Kroger or the pharmacy stores this week, see this.

Getting to Publix on Thursday may score you a package of Publix brand vanilla wafer cookies for a penny. Bring the coupon from the Thursday AJC for the mystery item at Publix and when you spend $10 or more before coupons, you qualify to get these cookies for a penny. If you forget the coupon, ask your cashier if you can still get the item. Sometimes they allow customers to get it without the coupon, however I have been told that policy states that the actual coupon is required. 

Here are the great deals at Publix this week starting with the grocery section. 

Ocean Spray Juice Cocktails, Juice or Blends in select varieties are buy one, get one free at $2.95. there were coupons on the newspaper on May 15 for the blueberry variety.

Crystal Light drink mix is buy one, get one free at $3.99. There was a coupon in the newspaper on June 12 and there is a printable  Target coupon that Publix will accept.

Kraft dressing is buy one, get one free at $3.99. Shoppers can use the coupon from the newspaper from May 15 or the printable  Target coupon for extra savings.

Duncan Hines Moist Deluxe Cake Mix is buy one, get one free at $1.83. There was a coupon that will get you a free mix when you buy two mixes in the June 5 newspaper. This will get you three boxes for 92 cents total. 

General Mills Cereal including Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, Cocoa Puffs, Golden Grahams, Cheerios or Multigrain Cheerios are buy one, get one free at $3.59. There were coupons in the newspaper on May 22. Shoppers can also print coupons  here.

Near East rice mix or couscous is buy one, get one free at $2.19.

In the refrigerated and freezer sections, shoppers will find these great deals. 

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt in the four pack is buy one, get one free at $2.79. Print a coupon  here for extra savings. 

Kozy Shack Pudding Tapioca in select varieties is buy one, get one free at $3.09. There was a coupon in the newspaper on March 6 that shoppers can use to drop the price further. 

Smart Balance Milk in the half gallon size is on sale for $2.50 each.  There were coupons in the newspaper on May 8 and on June 5. There are also printable coupons  here.

Simply Potatoes Diner’s Choice Mashed Potatoes are buy one, get one free at $3.99. There was a $1 off coupon in the newspaper on June 12. 

Magnum Ice Cream Bars are $2.50 a box. Coupons can be found in your saved newspaper inserts from May 22 and June 13 in the Kroger insert. There is also a printable coupon at the  Target website.

There are some good deals on meat this week at Publix. 

Boneless ribeye steaks are $7.99 a pound.

Whole chicken is $1.19 a pound.

B0neless pork loin country ribs are $2.99 a pound.

Bottom round roast is $3.49 a pound.

Produce is fresh and priced well at the markets still. This is a great time to buy fresh and keep the frozen and canned varieties for later in the year when prices are higher for the fresh or the fresh is simply not available. 

In the health, beauty and household item aisles, shoppers can get the following bargains.

Old Spice Body Wash, Gillette Body Wash or Old Spice Red Zone Deodorant is 2 for $6.  There were coupons for these products in the newspaper on May 1, May 15 and June 5. 

Hefty Everyday plates are buy one, get one free at $4.99. There were coupons in the newspaper on April 10, April 17 and May 22 for extra savings.

Resolve Spray N' Wash Laundry stain remover is buy one, get one free at $2.99. There were coupons in the AJC on May 8 and on June 5. Shoppers can also print a coupon  here.

If you have to run into between now and Saturday night, pick up some two-liter bottles of Coke or Pepsi. Coke is discounted down to 79 cents each and Pepsi is 88 cents each which are great deals and not in their advertisements.

Rumors on the blog says that this price will actually drop lower just before the fourth of July, although no one can confirm this for sure. 

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