Summer can be a hectic time for families especially when it comes to food supply. For most, the kids being home in the summer creates the issue of needing more food in the house for snacks and lunches. Lets be honest, kids (as well as parents) get bored with eating the same old thing over and over again.

So this summer try to make it fun. Here are some cute summer snack ideas that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Take them with you on the go, or just have a good time preparing them with each other. 

  • Spread a layer of frozen yogurt over graham crackers (similar to an ice-cream sandwich) and put in to the freezer until snack time. It is a delicious and nutritious warm weather snack.
  • Put a large gummy ring around the middle of a teddy graham as a "life preserver". Float him in a little cup of blue Jell-O for a "pool".
  • Place one graham cracker sheet in a foil pie plate, sprinkle with chocolate chips, and miniature marshmallows. Cover the pie plate with tin foil. Place outside in a sunny hot place, check after ten minutes. They are done when the sun has melted the chocolate and marshmallow. 
  • Have thin slices of watermelon cut. The child uses a star cookie cutter. They can eat the star and the other pieces from around it.
  • Fruit kabobs are very easy to make. Chunks of fruit, such as apples, peaches, pineapples, bananas, grapes, and strawberries are tasty and colorful. Little ones will appreciate most any fruit threaded onto wooden skewers.
  • Mix whole grain, ready-to-eat cereal, and granola with dried fruit and nuts in a zipper-top sandwich bag for a tasty high-energy snack to go.

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