There are things happening all over Holly Springs and Hickory Flat every day, and it's impossible for one person to know about all of them.

You can help make this site a better representation of what's going on in the community by adding the events you know about to our calendar–for free.

The video at right, prepared by another Patch editor, explains how it works, and it's incredibly easy.

Here's a step-by-step:

1. Log in to Patch. Click here for a tutorial on how to create an account.

2. Click on " Events" on the top of the page.

3. At the bottom of the Events page, click " Add an Event."

4. Give your event a title.

5. Choose a date, starting time and end time. If your event repeats, check the box that says "This event happens more than once or is an ongoing event."

6. Under "Where," type in an address or the name of a location. If adding an address, include the city so the site knows where to place the event. Once you have a location, click on that location to save it.

7. Fill out a description for your event. Tell us why we should be there and what to expect at the event.

8. If you'd like to add photos, videos or a flier, click "Choose files to upload."

9. Choose a category and fill out any other information, such as who the event is best for, the price, a contact number or e-mail address, Web site, etc.

10. Click "Post My Event."

Tell all your friends how easy it was!

    If you have trouble posting an event or have questions, e-mail Bob Pepalis, editor of Holly Springs-Hickory Flat Patch.

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