Jul 29, 2014
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Alone & Al Fresco

Grab a book and snack and relax at one of Johns Creek's parks.

Alone & Al Fresco

Today you’re going to grab some snacks and something to drink, a book, maybe your iPod, a blanket, some sunscreen, pack up the car — like you’ve done many times before — only difference is this time you’re ALONE! No kids.

Once you get there why not leave everything in the car and take a nice long walk. Take in the wonderful sounds and smells of nature while letting your mind drift away.  Hear the birds calling to one another? Only happy and hopeful thoughts allowed.

Now, feeling relaxed and peaceful it’s time to take out the blanket, snacks and that book. It’s time to totally immerse yourself — you deserve it!

Grab a good, used book at or , or at or the branch, and relax at one of the city's fine parks: , or .

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