Jul 30, 2014

Blog on Johns Creek Patch, It's Easy and Fun

We know you are out there! Be a local voice in Johns Creek and write about the topics that are important to our community and to you.

Blog on Johns Creek Patch, It's Easy and Fun

Johns Creek Patch is all about you. That’s why we’ve been encouraging you to upload photos, , suggest coverage, rate businesses in our directory and share a bit about yourselves, what you do and what’s going on around you.

A number of people are taking full advantage of that opportunity by blogging on Johns Creek Patch.

Read the latest blogs about what our local voices have to say about:

 - Julie Schwartz

- Todd Burkhalter

- Barbara Diener

- Becky Samford

You might have other ideas and we encourage you to share them. Join our lineup and have your voices heard, too. You can tell your neighbors what’s going on in your organization, in your school, with your church, on your block and even in your home.

If you are interested in being a part of the conversation and becoming a local voice sign up today and start a blog.

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