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BLOTTER: Target Shoplifting, Property Thefts

The following information was supplied by the Johns Creek Police Department.

BLOTTER: Target Shoplifting, Property Thefts


On July 5 a Johns Creek Police Officer responded to on State Bridge Road in reference to a shoplifting in progress. The store security officer told police that he noticed two males and a female enter the store and proceed to the electronics department. The security officer said he watched one of the males open and place two iPhone cases in his pockets. The police officers located the two males in the fitting room area and waited for the female. The officers searched the two males for weapons and found the iPhone cases in one of their pockets. The males and the female were escorted to the security office, where the males, one age 14 and one age 16, admitted to stealing the cases. The parents were contacted and arrived at the store. Both males were charged with shoplifting, and juvenile complaint forms were completed on both suspects. The female was not charged in the incident.


On June 25 a salesperson for Lennar Homes reported that flooring boards were stolen from a home under construction on New Cove Road.

On June 28 a person reported his Sony digital camera stolen from a picnic table at . He said that the camera was left on the table while he was with his family on the playground and that he did not see anyone approach the table. 

On July 1 a customer at on Medlock Bridge Road reported that he had placed his personal items in a locker with a lock attached. When he returned to the locker he found the lock removed and his Blackberry, iPhone, wallet and home and vehicle keys taken.

On July 2 a customer at on Holcomb Bridge Road reported that she checked out at the self-checkout lane and selected the cash-back option. She said she was in a hurry and left without taking her cash. When she returned a short time later the money was gone. She checked with the staff to see if anyone had turned in the money, but no one had.

On July 3 a construction site superintendent on Old Alabama Road reported that various heavy construction equipment items such as pipes and valves were stolen from the non-secure site.

Vehicle Break-In

On June 27 a resident on Morton Chase Way reported her vehicle broken into. Two GPS systems and an iPhone docking station were stolen.


On July 2 a resident on Hawkstone Way reported that she returned home to find a side window in her home broken. The police officer who responded stated that the window was still locked and it appeared that no items were missing from the home nor had entry been made through the broken window

On July 4 a resident on Standard View Way reported that the back window to her vehicle had been shattered the entire length of the window. The woman stated that nothing appeared to be missing and that all the doors were locked when she entered her vehicle. The police officer who responded stated that no objects could be located that may have caused the damage.

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