23 Aug 2014
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Corgi Mix Has a Heart Full of Love

Ezra loves kids and is available for adoption through Angels Among Us Pet Rescue.

Corgi Mix Has a Heart Full of Love Corgi Mix Has a Heart Full of Love Corgi Mix Has a Heart Full of Love

Please meet sweet Ezra. He is a 2-4 year-old Corgi/Terrier mix who weighs around 17 pounds. This baby is truly 17 pounds of pure love and affection.  There is nothing better in this world to him than having a child to love on him, pet him, and allow him to share lots of sweet kisses. Ezra is good with humans and other animals and is just the most wonderful little boy who enjoys everything and everyone.

This dog was adopted by a couple who worked very long hours. This caused him to be kept in his crate for up to 20 hours a day. His owners didn't want him to potty in his crate, so they didn't give him much water and food. He had to sleep in soiled blankets every night for two years.  

When the organization they originally got him from wouldn't take him back due to health problems, the owners contacted Angels Among Us Pet Rescue and they immediately took this precious dog into their program. When the foster volunteer picked Ezra up, the owners simply handed over his leash and said, "he sheds and stinks," then got back in their car and left.

What the volunteer looked down and saw was a broken little soul who was emaciated, covered in brittle, discolored, dirty fur, bitten red from fleas and on his last ounce of strength and courage.  How could anyone break this precious dog's heart and soul repeatedly and not care? 

As his rescuer weeped all the way home, little Ezra cuddled up in her lap, so grateful for a human being who cared just a little bit - someone who cared enough to rescue him out of the awful place he was in.  She whispered to him as he lay against her, "It will never, ever be like that again for you.  You are loved, safe, and your life starts over from this moment forward."

One of the greatest joys was watching Ezra free to run around in their yard when they got home. What freedom and what joy he felt in not being caged.  He could do what a dog is suppoed to do - be free. Run, jump, chase, have fun to his heart's content. 

What they witnessed in the days to follow was a dog desperately trying to eat and drink as much as he could, for in his mind, he didn't know he would get this every day. The deplorable conditions in his previous home that Ezra endured were most evident, though, in his desire to be where ever his foster family was. 

It seemed, in the beginning, this little dog couldn't find a way to soak up enough love and companionship. He took to it like he was made of sponge material - soaking it all in, wanting and asking for more.

You see, he had a lot of lost time and lost attention to make up for, and he was determined not to miss a moment of being loved, touched, held, cuddled and most of all - clean and free.

Ezra's best trait is the way he is with kids/children. As you can see from this short video, he is gentle, loving and so happy around kids.  

Ezra is wonderful with other dogs, big and small, and simply doesn't meet strangers.  Ezra loves to play outside and chase around the yard with his foster family but he also loves to just sit next to or in your lap and just snuggle.  He enjoys his treats and even though he was deprived of enough food for so long, he has quickly learned to take his treats gently.  

The ideal home for Ezra would be a home with children, period. He adores them too much not to be able to have his own boy or girl to bond with, play with, and love.  He's looking for a family who will accept that he does shed and has a slight limp, but will love and adore him anyway.  

Ezra will also require a fenced-in yard and secure gate so he can run and play to his heart's content.  Ezra is neutered, microchipped, fully vetted and up to date on all shots.  He knows to go potty outside but will have accidents if not taken out on a regular basis.  

If you'd like to know more about Ezra, contact his foster by email at  nhess09@gmail.com, or you may contact Angels Rescue directly at  info @angelsrescue.org

To see all the animals up for adoption through Angels Among Us, visit their website at  www.angelsrescue.org/adoptables.asp.  Follow the group on Facebook at  www.facebook.com/angelsrescue or Twitter at  www.twitter.com/angelsrescue

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