20 Aug 2014
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Dine Out- Asian Style

You don't have to choose which Asian cuisine is your favorite.

Dine Out- Asian Style Dine Out- Asian Style Dine Out- Asian Style Dine Out- Asian Style Dine Out- Asian Style

For those nights when you can't decide between Japanese, Korean, and Chinese take a short drive into nearby Suwanee and sample them all.  H Mart off of Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road in Suwanee has a food court that caters to those wanting Asian food from different countries.

You can stop and grab a sushi roll, which is classic Japanese fare, or choose a Chinese meal, and even stop by the booth that sells "Korean Snack" and other Korean options. For those in your group who like to stick to American food, that is available as well, in the form of fried chicken and hot wings.

Udon, which is thick noodle in a broth based soup, can be ordered with a plate of Don Kas U, a fried pork cutlet. A sweet sauce is used for dipping the meat. Pretty flowered shaped tofu is used to garnish the soup. It is perfect for a cold, rainy-day meal.

A traditional Korean meal, bulgogi, is thinly sliced meat that is sometimes referred to as "Korean bbq." At H Mart, the bulgogi is served in a steaming hot pot and is accompanied by kimchi, cabbage that is spiced with red pepper.

A trip to the end of the food court lands you right in front of "Mandoo Ajashi," a booth that serves what is often called potstickers or wontons. They can be fried or steamed, served in soup or alone, and come in several varieties, including beef and vegetable.

Each meal item is depicted by a picture so that you can see exactly what you are ordering. Prices range from just a few dollars to just under $15 for a meal. A great way to enjoy the meal is to choose a couple of options from each booth and allow everyone in your group to share.


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