22 Aug 2014
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Johns Creek, Roswell Continue Nesbit Ferry Talks

Johns Creek may take road if Roswell improves it and helps pay for traffic signal.

Johns Creek, Roswell Continue Nesbit Ferry Talks

The City of Johns Creek has a proposal for Roswell: We'll take Nesbit Ferry Road if you help pay for a light at the Brumbelow intersection and make improvements to the road first.

That proposal is the latest in discussions between the two cities that began with talks of installing a light at that location.

After numerous inquiries from Johns Creek residents, the city of Johns Creek had conducted studies and determined that the intersection needed a traffic light for safety purposes. .

About two-thirds of the intersection at Nesbitt Ferry and Brumbelow roads is in Roswell, with the rest in the Johns Creek right-of-way.

Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker and Councilmember Ivan Figueroa recently met with Roswell Mayor Jere Wood and Councilmember Betty Price to explore options, which included Johns Creek annexing half or all of Roswell's right of way on Nesbit Ferry Road from Holcomb Bridge Road to the city limits just beyond the Scott Road intersection.

The Johns Creek City Council then requested city staff to study that option and make recommendations on how to proceed.

Johns Creek Public Works Director Tom Black advised the city council this week that annexing the entire portion would be the most viable option.

"Right now we can't permit a left turn [signal] into Rivermornt," he said. "I'd rather be in control of our own destiny."

Councilmember Brad Raffensperger added that another benefit to annexing Roswell's portion would be the possibility of creating an "entryway" into the Newtown area of Johns Creek on the city's border.

Based on city staff recommendations, the council agreed it would approve Bodker and Figeruoa meeting with Roswell again, stipulating that the city would take on Roswell's right of way if Roswell first helped pay for a traffic signal and also brought the road up to snuff. Black estimated that Nesbitt Ferry repairs would cost Roswell about $500,000, would could potentially come from state aid.

If Johns Creek takes Roswell's right of way, yearly maintenance costs for the road would be $7,500 to maintain four traffic signals; $3,000 a year for grass maintenance; and $5,280 for utility costs. The city would also need to make immediate improvements – such as sidewalk, striping and stormwater – that would cost about $30,000.

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