22 Aug 2014
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Johns Creek's Riley Looking Forward to RNC

State Rep. Lynne Riley serving as a delegate at Republican National Convention.

Johns Creek's Riley Looking Forward to RNC

Johns Creek's State Rep. Lynne Riley (District 50) says she's looking forward to her first time serving as a delegate at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., which starts this week.

Riley is paying for all of her own expenses, too. "I consider this an investment in a better future for our country," she said.

Below, Riley answers some questions from Johns Creek Patch:

Q: How does a person become a delegate? Delegates were selected through an application and election process at the U.S. Congressional District GOP Conventions in April or at the Georgia GOP State Convention in May. I was elected at the 6th Congressional District Convention in April to serve as a delegate for Mitt Romney.

Q: Are we going to see you on TV in a funny hat? There’s a good chance I’ll be wearing a patriotic hat, but it’s up to the media networks on whether they broadcast the GA delegates … I sure hope they will!

Q: Do you feel that your presence at the convention will make an impact? How so? I believe that each and every delegate will make an historic impact as we nominate the next President of the United States of America. I am so grateful to have been selected to have an active role in U.S. history, and I am very respectful of the responsibilities I have been tasked to perform.  

Q: These days a lot of people are disenchanted with the two major parties. What makes you proud of your party? Republicans embrace the values of personal responsibility.

Q: Do you know other delegates going, or are you about to join thousands of strangers on the convention floor? I know most of the Georgia delegates, but the opportunity to meet Republicans from across the nation was one of my motivations to apply to be a delegate.

Q: What are you looking forward to most at the convention? I am really looking forward to experiencing the excitement, energy, and outpouring of support for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Q: What would you want your neighbors to know about the convention? The Republican National Convention is a vital part of the election process in America. We not only elect the party nominees – we attend many meetings, consider rules and resolutions, and vote to approve the Republican Party Platform. Educational workshops will be available for delegates, and there will be many networking opportunities with legislators and policy makers from across the country.

Q: If Romney asked you what issues really matter in North Fulton, what would you say? I believe that people in North Fulton wish to retain and enhance the outstanding quality of life we experience. Romney-Ryan conservative fiscal policies that allow for achievement in all aspects of life will serve us very well in North Fulton.
Q: What do you wish people in your town knew more about Romney?  Mitt Romney is a devoted family man. His values, his actions, and his national policy platform reflect his commitment to do what is best for every family in America. I had the pleasure of spending a few moments with Mitt with his wife Ann, and was touched by their devotion to each other.
Q: What is the most surprising thing that you’ve seen or heard about the convention?  I am hoping that we do not get a surprise visit from a hurricane!

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