The Medlock Bridge Elementary Foundation has donated thirty Apple iPads to Medlock Bridge Elementary School. 

The foundation has equipped the school with new technology for the last four years. In 2013, it completed the project of outfitting each classroom with interactive mimio boards, while donating netbooks to its media center.  

The foundation has now turned its attention to bringing the versatile tablets to students eager to learn with new tools. The iPads have already been put to good use, when the school held a Digital Learning Day earlier this year. Students, as young as kindergarteners, learned how to code on the school’s netbooks and iPads. 

To make these purchases possible, the foundation successfully raised more than $20,000 through a large sponsorship drive and fall fundraising season. This included a silent auction and a holiday bazaar as well as direct donations from corporate sponsors and parents.

The iPad cart is housed in the school’s award-winning media center. 

"Our school community is thrilled to expand our students' experiences using a variety of technology to meet curriculum goals," said Medlock Media Specialist Leigh Martin said. "Students today are not sedentary learners; they are mobile learners, and the use of iPads enables us to increase their freedom to learn anywhere. Connecting classroom learning and school resources with the same kind of technology that they already use at home will encourage them to use their personal mobile devices to become lifelong learners."

In response to the state and local funding shortages, the Medlock Bridge Elementary Foundation was created in 2007 to continue to make capital improvements for the school. Since 2007, the foundation has raised over $250,000.

Johns Creek-area businesses have benefitted from sponsorships with the Medlock Bridge Elementary Foundation, including cash and in-kind donations, by reaching the school's parents, staff and students with targeted marketing and special events, such as spirit night fundraisers. 

The organization's summer sponsorship drive for the 2014-2015 school year is in progress now with unique opportunities for companies to advertise on student agendas and homework folders.  

For more information, visit the Foundation’s website.

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