20 Aug 2014
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MOVIE REVIEW: 'Total Recall' a Total Remake

A recall of an old film with different actors, better special effects and a predictable outcome.

Set in the future, Colin Farrell plays Doug Quaid, a factory worker bored with his job. Despite having a smoking hot wife, Kate Beckinsale, he is unhappy with his life. He soon finds out that the vivid fantasies he's been having are his real life when he signs up for a vacation mind trip in "Total Recall."

Quaid soon finds out he is an agent mixed up with rebellion here on earth and is also involved with a super-sexy rebel agent played by Jessica Biel. All the while he must somehow stop Bryan Cranston's character, Cohaagen, from doing evil things to ordinary people.

The plot thickens as Quaid realizes that everything he thinks he knows about himself is fictitious, and all of his memories have been implanted. A reluctant hero in a world turned upside down.

This version is not much different from the original, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger back in 1990. Sure, the acting is a bit better and the special effects are much more realistic. But Schwarzenegger's portrayal of Quaid seemed more wounded, more baffled, more desperate. In the Farrell performance, there's more of a sense that the character is being swept along with the events. In short, the old "Recall" wasn't all that. This one isn't either, so the Flick-O-Meter gives "Total Recall" just barely a 3 out of five. The film is not unwatchable; it just has nothing new to say. I'm a big fan of science fiction but in all honesty, despite some subtle changes, "Total Recall" is a total remake.

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