Jul 28, 2014
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News Nearby: Mask-Wearing Man Scares Workers at Roswell Daycare

Some top Patch headlines from around the region.

News Nearby: Mask-Wearing Man Scares Workers at Roswell Daycare

The Roswell Police Department responded to a suspicious person Monday afternoon, Dec. 17.

Scott Baluss, a Lawrenceville resident, walked into a daycare center wearing a surgical mask over his mouth and nose. He allegedly stated, "don't worry I'm not going to do a Connecticut thing here," and then started laughing. .

Cobb Motorist Dies in I-75 Crash - Northeast Cobb Patch

A Cobb motorist died in an accident that shut down southbound traffic on Interstate 75 south of Delk Road in Cobb for a time on Monday afternoon.

Cobb Police Spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce said that Fatma E. Shalaby, 24, of Acworth, was pronounced dead at the scene. .

Snatch and Grab at Perimeter Mall Turns Dangerous - Dunwoody Patch

Dunwoody Poloice reported a scary incident Monday at Perimeter Mall.

A woman was leaving the mall and was in the parking lot when a man snatched her bag from the Apple Store and started running away.

The woman chased the man - and then he pointed a gun at her and told her to stay back. The man jumped into a gray SUV and left the mall. .

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