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'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures

Perimeter Church hosting Secret Keeper Girl Live Tour on Jan. 25.

'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures 'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures 'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures 'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures 'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures 'Pajama Party Tour' Focuses on 'Tween' Pressures

In a world where school-yard bullying, friends with benefits, sexting and other social media exposures are continuously pursuing the innocence of today’s teenagers, parents need help protecting their young daughters to allow them to just be children.

Perimeter Church in Johns Creek will host the Secret Keeper Girl Live Tour on Friday, Jan. 25, which will give language and relationship to topics that for most moms and daughters can be awkward. 

Best-selling author Dannah Gresh has been fighting on the front lines to protect young girls. Developed from a series of books she has written, Gresh’s fun mom/daughter connecting resources are part of the Secret Keeper Girl LIVE: the Pajama Party Tour.

Although she doesn’t personally appear at most of the dates, Gresh explains the reason for the tour. “Today’s little girls (ages 8-12) face pressures their moms didn’t know until they were in high school. Friendships pressure them to have boyfriends. They face mean girls. The culture pressures them to desire things that plunge them into premature adulthood. Research has shown the importance for mom’s to connect with their tween daughters before the challenging teen years begin. The response to this event has been amazing, because moms are craving help in how to tell the culture “no,” and how to keep the little in their girl.”

Gresh goes on to explain “Our research revealed that one of the best ways to reduce the risk of early sexual activity, eating disorders and depression for a teen girl is a parent-child connection while they are tweens, which is why we created the Secret Keeper Girl in the first place. We wanted moms to have fun yet proven tools that will help them coach their 8-12 year-old girls into meaningful friendships, true beauty, biblical modesty and vibrant purity.”  

The 2013 Secret Keeper Girl tour will stop locally in Johns Creek on Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are available online at  www.perimeter.org/secretkeepergirl

For more information, visit  www.perimeter.org/secretkeepergirl or call (678) 405-2000.

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