20 Aug 2014
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PATCH VOICES: 'Don’t Shovel Blame On Georgia DOT'

Patch user sounds off: "Don’t YOU Have A Role In Snowstorm 2014?"

PATCH VOICES: 'Don’t Shovel Blame On Georgia DOT'
By Joel Alpert

(Atlanta — January 29, 2014 — 3:30pm)  It’s about 28 or 29 hours since the snow started falling in Atlanta, and my fellow citizens have started to shovel the blame for being stuck on the highways on the DOT and “The Government.”  

Things are better right in this moment, for a few short hours…. and we’ll freeze over shortly again.

My friends, you’ve seen all kinds of defensive behavior displayed by Georgia DOT and the APD and The Mayor’s Office. They are fielding attacks from left and right. And that defensive behavior is at least half wrong!

Why? Some questions answer yours. ...


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