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"The Federal Reserve Scoop"

"The Federal Reserve Scoop"

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DATELINE January 21, 2014

"The Federal Reserve Scoop"

By: Scoop Biggers


Down in Nankipooh we have all heard the story about the ant and the grasshopper, and how the ant saved up for hard times, while the grasshopper fiddled his life away, and we came away from the story with one of the pieces to the American Dream.  Of course, that means to work hard, save your money and take care of yourself and your family in your old age.  A couple of the other parts to that dream, were to own your own home, and if you work hard enough, own your own business.  Throw in some honesty, a little patriotism, and a good measure of love and respect for God, and you have the ingredients for the formula which has made the United States of America the greatest country in the history of earth.


So what has happened to the American Dream?  Are we still that shining star in the eyes of the world's humanity?  Well, the answer is yes, and no.  The dream has changed.  You don't always get ahead when you work hard, and saving your money these days isn't very profitable.  However, honesty, patriotism, and love of God, and your fellow man, is still a big part of the formula for success. So what do we need to do to re-focus our ideals into the future realization of the American Dream?  The answer is quite simple, "don't forget to dance with the one who brung you."  What we need to do is re-establish value in our society, and I don't mean your morals.  I leave that up to those more capable than I.


What I mean, is that we need to re-establish the true value of our work, our material possessions and our money.  This cannot be done by borrowing money to satisfy a thirst which cannot be quenched.  It cannot be done by trying to provide for every possible human need, since that list is endless.  It cannot be done by allowing the government, and its central bank to print money to pay debts, which become greater before the currency even comes off of the presses.  It can be done, only through hard work and sacrifice.  By sacrifice, I mean everyone.  The rich, the poor, the middle classes, and especially the government.  If we don't bite the bullet soon, it will kill us.


I read an article recently in Forbes about debt spending, and The Federal Reserve, which is absolutely terrifying.  The following is a short excerpt.  I urge you to obtain the article, or read it online in its entirety.


"Outsiders watch bewildered. What does it mean that hopelessly bankrupt nations like Spain can borrow money at less than 5 percent interest? What does it mean that 60 percent of home purchases in many U.S. metro markets are being made in cash, and that hedge funds and institutional investors are the largest buyers? What does it mean that the Dow and S&P 500 are hitting record highs while 47 million Americans are on food stamps? What does it mean that the official unemployment rate is going down while the number of people not working is going up? What does it mean that the Consumer Price Index is showing less than 2 percent inflation?

I’ll tell you what it means. It means that this whole thing has become an insider’s game.

The reason we are not seeing consumer price and wage inflation is precisely because quantitative easing—the Fed’s fancy term for flooding the economy with new cash—is failing, and everybody knows it." (Bill Frezza: Forbes Contributor, May 2013)


I know that the vast majority of the people in this country are hard working honest people who love their country.  The time has come to lay aside lessor issues, and join together to save the great ship "America".  We can do this by living within our means as citizens, as well as our government.  We also must put an end to printing more money to pay our bills, which does nothing to decrease the debt, and only serves to make the currency less valuable.  Let us re-establish "real value" in our world.  One day hard work, and saving, may once again make us the strong nation we once were.  It is time for the large majority of Americans to take the reins of government away from the "One-Percenters", and lead the country, and the world, away from the brink of disaster.  God Bless America!



"Just my opinion"

Scoop Biggers


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