20 Aug 2014
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When Does Daylight Saving Time Begin in 2013?

These lighter mornings indicate it's time to change the batteries in your smoke detectors, too.

When Does Daylight Saving Time Begin in 2013?

By now, most people have noticed that daylight is beginning a little earlier each morning.

That means that spring—and Daylight Saving Time—is near. In 2013, the big shift happens on Sunday, March 10.

You should set your clocks forward at 2 a.m., meaning, yes, you'll lose an hour of sleep. But you'll get an extra hour of daylight at the end of the day.

The time change will last until Nov. 3, 2013, when clocks will fall back an hour.

When you change your clocks in the fall and spring, it’s also a good time to change smoke detector batteries and check to make sure the devices are in working order.

"When you re-set your clock, be sure to check your  smoke alarm battery at the same time, as many need replacing about every six months," states the Johns Creek Fire Department's Fire Watch newsletter. "It's also a good time to check your  carbon monoxide detector batteries."

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