Jul 30, 2014

KSU Program Receives National Award

It was presented at American College Personnel Association National Conference in Las Vegas.

KSU Program Receives National Award

Kennesaw State University’s Adult Learner Programs (ALP) has been honored as "Outstanding Adult Learner Program" by the Commission for Commuter Students and Adult Learners. The Commission operates under the auspices of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA).

The award, presented prior to the opening of the ACPA National Conference in Las Vegas, recognizes the quality and variety of Kennesaw State’s innovative programs and services for nontraditional students.

“The staff of the Kennesaw State Adult Learner Programs truly understands the needs of today’s nontraditional college students who may be juggling the quest for an education with the roles of employee and family member,” said Jerome Ratchford, vice president for student success. “Our staff works collaboratively with academic, student success, and community entities to provide for all of these students.”

Along with academic tutoring, the ALP’s Lifelong Learning Center facility offers students access to a computer lab that also serves as a commuter lounge. The facility, which is conveniently located in the Carmichael Student Center, provides a study and networking area with cable HDTV, current periodicals and free hot beverages. The Lifelong Learning Center, which receives over 25,000 visits annually, serves as a gathering place where individuals from all backgrounds, ages, ethnicities and lifestyles can come together to study and network.

“We strive to make our students feel at home while they are on campus,” said R. Todd Powell, assistant director of the ALP. “We work in support of the university’s strategic plan, with initiatives designed to improve retention and progression toward graduation,” he added. “We offer recognition ceremonies and provide opportunities for students to receive subsidies for textbooks and childcare. We attempt to remove some of the stumbling blocks that adult learners encounter as they pursue the completion of their college education.”

This year, KSU celebrates 25 years of service through the Lifelong Learning Center facility. The ALP earned recognition for best practices in the 2008 journal, “Serving Adult Learners: A Handbook for Effective Practice.” In 2010, KSU earned the top rating in an annual survey by the Association for Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education.

Editor's note: This report was submitted by Kennesaw State University.

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