Jul 30, 2014

Share Your Story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Kennesaw Patch wants to tell your story during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Share Your Story for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

All this month, Patch has published stories with resources for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now that we're halfway through Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we want to hear your stories.

Have you had an experience with breast cancer yourself? Was a friend or family member diagnosed? Do you know a particularly inspirational survivor in the Kennesaw area?

There are also three ways you can post content directly onto Patch and all are free and very easy to use.

1. Tell your story using our "Local Voices" platform, which can be found at  http://kennesaw.patch.com/blog/apply.

2. Post Breast Cancer Awareness-related events at  http://kennesaw.patch.com/events/new.

3. Upload Breast Cancer Awareness-related announcements at  http://kennesaw.patch.com/announcements/new.

And you can always add photos and videos to go along with your blog posts, events, or announcements.

We can't wait to share your stories with your neighbors in Kennesaw.

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