15 Sep 2014
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5 Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Here are some tips to help keep your furry friends safe and warm during this wintry weather.

5 Cold Weather Tips for Pets

Meteorologists are predicting the snow, ice and cold temperatures will stay around the City of Lawrenceville for a while. Here are some tips to help keep your four-legged friends safe and warm until we thaw out.

Keep Your Dog on Its' Leash:

Never let Fido roam free on snow and ice, especially during a snowstorm. Dogs can lose their sense of smell in the snow and easily get lost. According to the ASPCA, more dogs are lost in the winter than any other time. And always make sure your dog has its' ID tags.

Wipe Down Dogs:

Be sure to carefully and completely wipe your dog's legs and stomach after they come in from the snow and ice. He can lick his paws or other parts and ingest salt, antifreeze or other dangerous chemicals. Salt and encrusted ice may also cause his paw pads to bleed.

Bang the Hood:

Outdoor cats sometimes like to crawl up inside cars' engines for warmth during the colder temps. If there's a cat caught in your engine when you start your car, it can harm or even kill the cat-- not to mention cause costly damage to your car. If there are outdoor cats in your neighborhood, bang loudly on the hood of the car to give the cat time to run to safety.

Don't Leave Them in the Car:

You often hear warnings about leaving pets in the car during hot summer months. Well, the cold can pose just as serious a risk. In the winter, the car can turn into a giant refrigerator, freezing your cat or dog to death.

Make Sure They Have Plenty of Water:

They still need plenty of water even in these cold temps. But putting water outside in regular bowls means it will quickly turn to ice. Invest in heated bowls for food and water outside. If that's not an option, then use deep, plastic bowls. They take longer to freeze.

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