15 Sep 2014
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Father's Day

Make Father's Day memorable this year and not just another day.

Father's Day

This coming Sunday represents one of the most pathetic holidays of the year... . Not to say that this holiday is not important, it's just one of the most indecisive, unappreciative holidays of the year. It's not that there aren't enough sales ads or discounts at the local, it's just that many fathers are overlooked or receive the most boring gifts. This year change it up and make Father's Day just as exciting as Mother's Day.

play a key role in celebrating this great man. Not just any man, but a man who has seen his children born and lived to tell the story. A man who was available for those late night craving runs. A man who was willing to learn how to change a diaper. He's done a lot and much more than others, so shouldn't he have a great day?

This man doesn't want another tie, or some cufflinks that he'll never wear. Or a new pair of socks or shirts as if he can't get those any time of the year. Or another stick figure picture from his 5-year-old child letting daddy know just how big his head really is. No, none of those things are going to suffice this year. It's time to step it up and do something that will show him that not only does his wife and children love him, but that he is also appreciated.

I asked my husband what he wants for Father's Day and he had the nerve to say nothing. Tisk, tisk, tisk, I replied. Fathers don't know how to really milk a day that has been devoted to them. Mothers on the other hand know how to do this very well. Instead of allowing my husband to miss a truly outstanding moment again, I've decided to step up my game this year and I encourage all the moms to do the same.

Listed below are many simple things that can be done to help fathers enjoy this day:

  1. Whatever He Wants: Let him do whatever he wants for the entire weekend. No chores, no babysitting, no diapers, no cooking, no cleaning, absolutely nothing. Even if they try to get some things done attempt to do it for them, if you can.

  2. Take Him to a New Restaurant: Not a brand new restaurant. Just a he has never been to before. There are a ton of good eateries in Lawrenceville and the surrounding cities. Instead of his usual favorite spot try something new and exciting that he'll enjoy.

  3. Good Gifts: Instead of the typical Father's Day gifts, get him a gift card to his favorite store or purchase something he can really have fun with.

  4. Take the Kids and : Get the kids and leave him alone for the entire day. The peace and quiet might do him some good. There are plenty of things to enjoy in Lawrenceville from dusk to dawn. You may spend a pretty penny, but I'm sure he'll appreciate the silence for the day.

Regardless as to what you do, just make it better than last year and show him how great of a father he is.  

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