15 Sep 2014
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Missing Monkey Now Tweeting

The rhesus monkey who went missing from Lawrenceville is supposedly tweeting her adventures.

Missing Monkey Now Tweeting

They say if you sit 100 monkeys down at 100 typewriters, one of them will eventually write Shakespeare. Apparently, if you give one rhesus monkey a smartphone, she will start tweeting.

Someone has started a Twitter account pretending to be the 10 days ago from the Yerkes National Primate Research Center in Lawrenceville. 

Lawrenceville Patch asked the missing monkey this via Twitter: " @EmoryMacaqueEsc When you decide to turn yourself in, will you give @LawvillePatch the exclusive? Thanks."

She responded: " @LawvillePatch Im out to stay out!"

Here are some more of the missing monkey's tweets:

"You are darn tootin I had the right idea RT  @DanGoldgeier Long day. I think that Emory monkey has the right idea."

"Looking for a kid who will come out to the woods behind the backyard with snacks like in Outbreak"

" @Not_Relevant hadnt considered a life of crime until now... Hmmm..."

"About that splatter of monkey poo on your shirt... My bad, throwing poo is kind of my thing"

" @JeffHaws How'm I gonna get to Decatur from up in Gwinnet? I have little legs and no car. Besides, I'm only 2 - they wouldn't serve me there"

" @Giga_a_dino Freedom is just another word for having to find your own bananas"

If you'd like to follow the missing Yerkes Monkey, you can find her at  @EmoryMacaqueEsc.

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