Jul 29, 2014

Parents Talk: APS Cheating Scandal

Where will the teachers exposed from the APS Cheating Scandal end up next?

Parents Talk: APS Cheating Scandal

With Atlanta only about 40 minutes away from Lawrenceville, a parent must ask, where will the teachers who participated in the APS Cheating Scandal end up? More than likely their teaching certificates will not be taken from them. They probably will not be able to teach in Atlanta again... so where will they go? 

Within Gwinnett County, there are and 116 classrooms starting next week. Out of the 116 classrooms, four Lawrenceville schools will receive a large portion of them, , , and of course .

In regards to the cheating scandal, I really believe these teachers were trying to do the right thing, but in the wrong way. When is involved, schools either need to bring the results or lose funders. This is a usual occurrence in the social service arena. As with any money that comes into a non-profit organization, the administration of that organization has to show results in accordance to the outcomes they projected when applying for the grant. It's common for non-profit agencies to do whatever it takes to make sure they are getting the results promised... even if that means lying.

Without the proper outcomes, many schools can easily lose funding from a faithful funder. And with so many schools shutting down over the summer, those who remain must stay on top of their game. This brings a little light to why some leaders of APS did what they did. It wasn't to harm the children, but to keep them moving forward and maintain funding. But although the intentions were good, the end result has been disgrace and embarrasment for Atlanta Public Schools and the State of Georgia. 

So where will these teachers show up next? Like in the movie, teachers who have gotten into trouble with their current district, don't lose their teaching certificates. They eventually get placed in another district. Are any of these teachers going to show up in your child's school? The only way any parent will know where there child's teacher came from is by asking the school and doing their own research. 

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