20 Aug 2014
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Violent Storm Topples Trees in Lawrenceville

Strong winds and thunderstorms caused trees to fall in the City of Lawrenceville overnight Friday.

Employees at were faced with the unexpected when they tried to drive into work Friday morning.

“All of us were in shock when we pulled in,” said office manager Tina Hand.

That reaction was in response to the giant tree that had toppled onto their trucks and blocked most of the parking lot behind the small home-turned-office on E. Crogan Street. One of their work trucks suffered minor damage and was able to go out on calls. The other truck was not so lucky. The tree crashed down upon it, smashing the roof, crushing the side and causing other damage. Hand said the truck’s engine was starting up, but the vehicle was not drivable.

Strong winds and late Thursday evening were too much for some of the trees in Lawrenceville. The weather also caused lights to blink in some areas.

Michael Finch reported on Lawrenceville Patch’s Facebook page that trees were down on Perry Street as well. Finch also said city crews were working since midnight to clean up the mess.

“There were a few trees down but they were cleaned up quickly by the City Street Department, said Lawrenceville Police Capt. Gregory Vaughn in an email to Patch.

All that remained Friday afternoon was some leaves and pinecones in the street on Lawrenceville Highway and the streets just outside of the Square.

Zack Simmons was taking a break after running the chainsaw all day trying to cut up the massive tree behind Alternative Pest Control’s building. “It had to happen on the hottest day,” said Simmons while enjoying a brief moment inside the air-conditioned office with a cool glass of water. It was 4pm and the thermometer read close to 100 degrees again. Simmons had been out there in the hot Georgia sun all day long.

“It took two and a half hours to clear it [the parking lot] enough to get the termite truck out,” said Simmons. He still had a long way to go. But both Simmons and his chainsaw were tired from all that hard work. He tries to start up the tool again but it just sputters.

The pest control company was lucky compared to one of their neighbors. A house directly across the street was practically split in half after a tree fell on it. Fortunately no one was inside as the home was vacant. “I saw them putting boards up there about two or three weeks ago,” said Hand.

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