Jul 30, 2014

Inside Police Reports: Teen's Baggy Pants Mean Silver Handcuffs

Indecency is still a crime, and one Lilburn youth learned that the hard way.

Inside Police Reports: Teen's Baggy Pants Mean Silver Handcuffs

Truth is police officers never know what they may find when that ol' suspicious radar goes up, and sometimes it starts with a pair of baggy pants. 

On August 1, one such police officer was sitting in an unmarked vehicle about 10:30 a.m. at the

According to a police report, a group of young men ran past the officer's vehicle. One of the youths entered a white, Dodge pickup truck, and two others headed toward a white van. Police said one of those youth rounded the van to the driver's side.

Apparently, the youth's pants were way too baggy, and they fell below his knees. That caused his red underwear to slip below his buttocks, and there for the officer to see were his two naked butt cheeks. 

Undeterred, the youth pulled his pants up and hopped into the van, according to the police report. It didn't take long for the Lilburn police officer to turn on his emergency lights and drive up to the van. (The truck pulled in front of the officer and left out of the parking lot.)

The officer reported that he asked the driver to get out of the van, and that he then requested identification. However, the youth had neither a license nor any other forms of identification. Neither did his friend in the passenger seat.

Turns out the driver and the passenger were 14, and using "Uncle Jose's" van. Later reached on a cell phone, Uncle Jose said he had no idea that the youths had taken his vehicle for a ride to Kroger.

One of the teenagers was transported to his home, and put in the custody of his aunt. And, the other teen, the one whose bottom went bare, was handcuffed and hauled to the Lilburn Police Department.

Police tagged him for public indecency, which is actually described as a sex offense and indecent exposure. Additionally, police noted a traffic offense because the youth had no driver's license.

His father eventually arrived at the police department to get his son, after signing a juvenile release form.

Police planned to issue a complaint to juvenile court.

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