Jul 30, 2014

Shelter Increases Number of Animals Saved

For the first time in a five-year history, the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter saved more animals than it euthanized.

Shelter Increases Number of Animals Saved

From Gwinnett County Police Department:

Gwinnett County Animal Welfare and Enforcement Services have undertaken several initiatives with the goal of increasing adoptions and reducing euthanasia.

Last year, saw the first time in the department’s history that the number of animals saved was greater than the number of animals euthanized (the number saved includes adoptions, rescues, and pets reclaimed by owners).

This positive change can be attributed to several factors including a more robust volunteer program, a new partnership with Homeless Pet Clubs, an improved rescue group outreach program, and an increased number of special adoption events both at the shelter and in the community, classes for pets and owners, and public education efforts.

Although these numbers are encouraging, we still have a long way to go to meet our ultimate goal of having every adoptable pet that enters the shelter placed in a home. This goal depends upon the help and cooperation of Gwinnett County citizens. 

To help us in this effort or for more information on adopting a pet, visit the shelter’s webpage at www.gwinnettanimalcontrol.com.

Number of Animals Euthanized, Saved:

2012: Euthanized -- 3,781, Saved -- 4,543

2011: Euthanized -- 4,128, Saved -- 4,105

2010: Euthanized -- 5,882, Saved -- 3,570

2009: Euthanized -- 7,580, Saved -- 4,091

2008: Euthanized -- 7,434, Saved -- 4, 054

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