Jul 25, 2014

Share Autism Resources in the Lilburn Area

A place to share what we know about resources for kids on the spectrum in the Lilburn area. This article will be published every Sunday at noon, and you can add to it at any time or day of the week. See below for more information.

Share Autism Resources in the Lilburn Area

Autism Momisms blogger Janie Ruth suggested that we find a way for Patch readers to share autism resources in the Lilburn area. So, every Sunday at noon, we'll put out this call for recommendations, whether it's a therapist, a type of therapy, a play or support group, or respite possibilities. Anything that would help families and their kids on the spectrum would be welcome information. Just fill in your information.

Every Saturday at noon, Lilburn-Mountain Park Patch will publish your answers. The call for information will be available for your input throughout the week, but to be included in the Saturday article, please submit your recommendations by the preceeding Friday, 5 p.m.

Please share what you know, and we hope you'll learn something useful, too.

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