22 Aug 2014
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Beaudreau Responds to Anonymous Robo-Call Attack

Beaudreau says claims in call are “completely false.”

On July 10, an unknown number of voters in Gwinnett County District 3 received an anonymous call urging them to “Vote no on Beaudreau.”

In the recorded message, a female voice said it is time for honest leadership on the county commission and accused current District 3 county commissioner Mike Beaudreau of voting to spend more than $1 million “to subsidize and study expanding the county airport.” 

The caller claimed the county spent “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in legal fees and staff time on the issue.

“Worst of all,” the message continued, “Beaudreau wasted our money during a time we needed it most to pay for police and basic services.”

The anonymous caller further criticized Beaudreau for the county trash plan.

“We need straight talk, not politician talk. Vote no on Beaudreau. Let’s change this commission,” the call concluded.

The recorded message did not include any information regarding who paid for or authorized the call. 

On July 11, Beaudreau responded with a recorded message of his own.

“This is Mike Beaudreau, your Republican county commissioner, calling to let you know that an anonymous robo-call was sent out to some of you in our district which questioned my integrity and lied about spending,” the recorded message began. “That call was completely false.”

Beaudreau said he trusts that voters who receive an anonymous attack call would not believe it.

“Unfortunately, as far behind in the polls as my opponents are, I believe there are more of these type calls coming,” he said.

Beaudreau encouraged voters with any questions about his record or votes that he has cast to call 678-597-8509.

“I’ll be happy to talk to anyone,” he added.

Beaudreau is currently seeking election to his third term on the county commission. He faces three Republican challengers in the July 31 primary:  ,  and  

Play the video to hear recordings of both calls. (Editor's note: Recordings of both the anonymous call and Beaudreau's response were left on my answering machine. The caller identification for the anonymous call displayed as "out of area." Beaudreau's response originated from 1-253-236-2014 and was identified as "survey.") 

Would you allow an anonymous call to influence your vote? If you knew that one of the candidates was responsible for the anonymous call, would you look at that candidate in a less favorable light? What did you think of Beaudreau’s response to the call? Let us know in the comments.

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