Jul 29, 2014

Become a Fan of Robert Nkemdiche

Grayson Ram's star player, Robert Nkemdiche, now has a Facebook fan page.

Become a Fan of Robert Nkemdiche

As defending head into a bye this week before taking on Parkview on Sept. 14, the season looks to be headed in the same direction as last year. With two games under their belts, the Rams now sit with two healthy wins so far -- in their season opener in the Dome and . The Rams have now safely secured the No. 1 spot in the nation, with star player credited with helping keep that momentum going.

Last season, Nkemdiche racked up just about every ranking available, including top prospect for 2013, before announcing early that he was . Many Clemson Tiger folks were reported to be in the Rams stadium Friday to watch Nkemdiche and fellow Clemson commitment Wayne Gallman.

Nkemdiche now has a Facebook fan page set up. Local fans who want to support Nkemdiche can go to his Facebook Page and “Like” him.

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