Jul 29, 2014

Large Coyote Seen in Grayson

A Grayson resident is warning fellow residents of a coyote sighting in the Grayson area. A similar warning was put out this time last year when Grayson Mayor Jim Hinkle saw coyotes on his property.

Large Coyote Seen in Grayson

A Grayson resident reported seeing a large coyote Thursday morning in the area of Leach Drive and Chandler Road in . She said she didn’t manage to get a photograph of it, but she did stop her car to get a closer look.

“The coyote stopped too, to have a look at me, and then ran off,” Lura Gaiek said, adding she had not heard of any other sightings in her Wheatfields neighborhood since moving to the area in February. She said she was struck by the size of the one she saw. “Usually coyotes are small – 25 – 35 pounds, but this guy looked closer to 40 – 45 pounds.”

Gaiek said she also had not heard of any pets going missing, but that is something authorities warn pet owners about with regard to coyotes. At about the same time last year, . The warning cautioned that residents be on the lookout for fairly large coyotes that had been seen around the city. Residents were advised to take precautions to keep pets safe and if they wanted to, to call Gwinnett County Animal Control at 770-339-3200.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Division, has advice for residents in the event of coyote sightings, but officials say there is little need for fear. By nature, coyotes are timid and shy and are more likely to steer clear of potential danger, posing little threat to humans. The main threat is to small domestic animals, small livestock or poultry. Wildlife expert say that, contrary to popular belief, coyotes do not hunt in packs but rather are primarily solitary hunters. Despite these characteristics, problems sometimes do occur as these predators become increasingly tolerant of human interactions.

Prevention is the best defense against nuisance coyotes. Small house pets (especially cats), young or small livestock and poultry are most vulnerable and more likely to become victims of a coyote. Officials offer the following advice if a coyote is suspected of frequenting an area where domestic animals might be roaming outside.

If you have seen any coyotes in the Loganville-Grayson area, please let us know in comments so we can warn other residents to take extra precautions with their pets.

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