Jul 30, 2014

How Relevant is the Church in Today's Culture?

As the relevancy of the church appears to be on the decline, some local pastors are meeting to discuss this in the wake of such things as the Sandy Hook shooting.

How Relevant is the Church in Today's Culture?

The mass shootings that appear to be on the increase have people searching for answers to this apparent wound in today's culture. Vice President Joe Biden was called on to head up a task force to find out how to combat the problem. Things under consideration include gun violence and how to address it, mental health issues in the country and whether the rampant violence on television and in the movies contributes to these events. Also under the spotlight are the violent games that many children are raised on now.

But there are others who say the problem goes much deeper and at its core is the moral decline in today's society and linked to that is the sidelining of the church. A group of pastors is meeting in Loganville this week to address the relevancy of the church in today's society.

"This is in the light of the tragedy in Connecticut," said Bob Farrier, a pastor who recently moved to the area from Florida. 

So what do you think? Is the relevancy of the church on the decline and do you think that has any culpability in recent events such as the mass shooting in Connecticut?

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