Jul 29, 2014

Old School

How do Dad's old school ideas relate to today's upcoming freshmen? They Don't.

Old School Old School

From here, it looks so out of place. So...outdated. Old.

"Here" is standing behind the Kroger building, facing towards . Well, it's the middle school now, but it's where I went to high school, once upon a time, so it's always going to be my high school. I pass by the place nearly every day on the way to Caleb's Taekwondo class. Sure, I'll cast a glance over and think about the old days from time to time, but it's been a long time since I actually looked at it. This may be the first time I've ever thought about the place in the sense of here and now.

I never thought there'd come a day when I'd think that it was the Kroger that fits into Loganville, instead of the ol' Alma mater. What that old school represents for me is memories, many good - but not all of them. A lot of them filtered through the rose colored glasses of nostalgia.

But here, in today's Loganville...this is where I'm at now. My son is in there, yelling and ninja-kicking boards in half.  This is where I get my ears lowered, buy my milk and get 3 cents off when I fill my tank. Here. Now.

I didn't really set out to bore you with yet another tale of then and now. (though there's a half-dozen or so of them linked on the right side of this page if you're so inclined).  Today was significant for me because, well, this morning I woke up as the father of a high school freshman. I'm trying to relate with her on this, and I'm having a more difficult time than I thought. My ideas of school, much like that building over there, are now out of place and old. She wouldn't be interested in them even if I were inclined to share.

So instead of boring old stories, I think the better idea is to stick with what's going on NOW...which is being the father of a teenager. It's not an easy job, it's new and more often than not I wind up scratching my head trying to figure what's going on with my little girl. Half the time I haven't got a clue.

But, hey, high school is supposed to be an adventure, right? She's excited about it, so am I, but in very different ways.  For her, it's about freedom and fun, but for me, it's a chance to stand back and watch her grow. This isn't about me...it's her time to shine. My part is strictly support. Keep her on track, but stay out of the way.

Besides, there's the football games, which I now have a reason to attend. As long as I don't sit too close to her and her friends, 'cause that would be, you know, embarrassing. Go Warriors.

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